‘This is impolite.’ Ex BBNaija Erica, gets in problems for degrading married women.

Erica Nlewedim, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has come under fire for making a statement that social media users deemed insulting to married women.


Erica expressed her concern in a tweet on the microblogging platform Twitter, saying she was concerned about how long she would be able to continue working on a million things as a single woman.


Erica also wondered when she will be able to relax and enjoy her life without having to work on anything, as married ladies do.


Because most housewives do not work, the reality star implied, it’s no surprise that they are always attractive to some people.


She stated, “I woke up yesterday thinking, “Is this how I’m going to spend the rest of my life working on a million things?” When will I be able to relax and enjoy myself? I can see why some people find being a housewife appealing.

Many netizens were offended by Erica’s statement, accusing her of degrading married women and calling the idea inappropriate.

so are you saying housewives don’t work? abimbolaicey wrote: They are the ones who work the hardest… that is callous.


lrishpresh wrote: Mtchewwww, please just be a wife first and then come back. I’m not married yet, but you can see that married women, especially those with children, are the most powerful beings on the planet. My sister, who has three children, always tells me, “Babe, please don’t be Jabez.” She’ll answer by saying that if I leave them, I’ll still do it later, so just let me finish.

goddello wrote: First, try becoming one, then come back and tell us how far you’ve progressed.

kutifolake wrote: So being a housewife equals being sedentary, according to you? When women are the ones who degrade other women, this is a part of the problem. Pregnant, caring for children, school runs, cleaning clothes, going to the market, and caring for the entire household, most housewives work nonstop. Assisting students with their schoolwork. Cleaning the house is a chore for some women, and their husbands continue to hit them on a regular basis. How are you chilling and having fun with these? Except for celebs like you, how many housewives have help? Please be more careful with your words next time.