So you can’t take what you’re given?’ Actress Mercy Aigbe blow hot after a fight with a troll.

Mercy Aigbe, a Nollywood actress, has revealed an amusing interaction with a troll on a social media page.


Mercy Aigbe said in an Instagram post that she was trolled after posting on a site, and she responded, which is unusual for her.


Mercy Aigbe stated that her response is in response to recent events in the county today, and that she is angry with the current state of affairs in the country.



Mercy Aigbe did not say what happened between her and the troll, but she did say that the troll reported her and blocked her on social media.



Mercy Aigbe, who was laughing at the situation, wondered why trolls could stand being trolled and advised netizens to be polite, noting that celebrities are not the country’s problem.


Mercy Aigbe urged her supporters to band together to combat Nigeria’s common enemy: bad government.


She wrote, “Right now, something happened!” Someone trolled me over a blog remark I made! I responded (which is unusual for me), but today, with everything going on in this country, my blood is boiling!


So I responded, and guess what? The individual not only blocked me, but also reported and erased my comment! Trolls, on the other hand, despise being trolled.


To troll, cowards hide behind bogus pages! So you’re not able to take what you’ve been given! What does it take for you to be compassionate? In this country, celebrities are not a problem! Let’s band together to battle our common foes! Poor management! Ogbeni, don’t lose your attention!