Prior to the release of her new single, Simi gives a powerful message to women.


Simi, a renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter, has written a long, strong, and inspiring letter to women in advance of the release of her new song “Women.”

Recall that Simi announced a few hours earlier that her new song would be released on Friday, following the kicker’s commencement of the Nobody Like Women challenge.

Simi mentioned recently on her Instagram account that she hoped people would be more conscious of the things they speak and the seeds they plant in people’s lives.


By the grace of God, my single WOMAN will be with you in less than 12 hours. I’m glad for every woman who is willing to stand in the gap for the rest of us. Your bravery comes from your vulnerability.
I hope that in the future, we are more conscious of the words we speak and the seeds we plant in people’s lives. I also hope that we can learn to support and protect women who are unable to do it on their own. Now is the time to honor women!, Simi penned the piece.

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