Lady Who Apologizes After Lying Against Mercy Johnson And Her Daughter Get Dragged By Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro, a relationship specialist, has lambasted the woman who accused Mercy Johnson, a prominent Nollywood actress, of sending thugs to her daughter’s school.

The woman claimed on social media that Mercy Johnson sent hulking guys to her daughter’s school to assault the principal.

Mercy Johnson apologized and requested those dragging her to consider her mental health hours after debunking the report by visiting the school.

In reaction, Blessing Okoro wrote;

“😡😡😡😡😡.If not for professionalism I swear una for know say the same mouth wey blessing dey use motivate say I fit use am destroy person . Gosh .
It’s her audacity for me .

Now u see that people can drag u for absolutely nothing they know about . You are lucky I have repented, I for commot that ur eye glass😡.

Now u see that trolls don’t have fact just noise . Imagine say mercy no do live video , them for say rich they oppress poor while na poor dey oppress rich and famous,”