‘I was the saddest pregnant woman in the world when I had my first baby’ Actress Uche Ogbodo tell life story of pregnancy challenge

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has spoken about her first pregnancy, which she describes as “sad,” but God has transformed her tale.

Uche Ogbodo, who joined the viral Pregnancy challenge, believes that pregnancy will only humble a woman if she is with the wrong person.

Uche Ogbodo, who shared a photo of her first pregnancy, characterized herself as the world’s saddest pregnant woman.

Uche Ogbodo claims that despite the difficulties of her first pregnancy, she will not curse her first baby daddy because God has given her beauty in exchange for ashes.

Uche Ogbodo expressed appreciation to her second baby daddy, Bobby Maris, for putting unending joy and laughter on her face.

She wrote: I hope I’m not Late to the #pregnancychallenge. But guys really Pregnancy will Humble you oooo, especially when you are with the wrong person. My first Pregnancy Hmmm .

Excuse me to Say I was the Saddest Pregnant Woman in the world when I had my First baby . , but I will not Say ( thunder Fire him or God Punish the Man ) and that’s because My God who sees and Knows the heart of Man has erased my SCAR and Given Me Beauty for Ashes.

Thank you my Love @bobbymaris for putting Unending Joy & Laughter on my Face . I love you Endlessly . That Year the Pregnancy Choked but this Year e Restrict their air flow.

Uche Ogbodo sparked reactions earlier this year after her second baby daddy was unveiled by Nigerian journalist SDK.