“Audition next year and show us the exemplary behavior” – Boss lady Ka3na slams Kara for condemning Tega’s behavior on BBNaija show

Popular reality personality, Ka3na Jones, has slammed talent management Kara for referring to ex-BBNaija reality show housemate Tega Dominic as sleazy.

This follows Kara’s extensive essay about how Tega did not present a positive image of herself on the reality show due to her affair with fellow resident Boma.

In response to the talent manager’s assertion, Ka3na, the self-proclaimed boss lady, challenged Kara to audition for the show the following year in order to demonstrate the outstanding behavior she preaches.

In a Twitter post, Ka3na wrote, “I Am Responding To The Part She Said Housemates Are Suppose To Live Exemplary Life🤷🏽‍♀️ My dear, Big Brother is a reality show not a convent😂 if you no like our reality abeg plan to audition next season let’s watch how EXEMPLARY your life is on camera 😏.”