“Anybody That Forgives You For Cheating, Is Also Cheating” — Lady Cried Out,

A Nigerian woman has resorted to social media to offer advice to couples on how to tell whether their partners are cheating.

People who forgive their cheating partners, she claims, do so because they also are cheating on their partners.

The lady, identified as @FunmiKolz, on social micro-blogging platform Twitter, has sparked controversy on social media.

In her tweet, she added that accepting a cheat back is a gesture that shouldn’t be applauded because forgiving a cheat means you’re also a culprit of the same sin.

She tweeted;

“Anybody that forgives you for cheating is also cheating. You can disagree with me, but don’t come here insulting me. I’m not the one who said you should keep taking a cheat back.”