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Actress Wunmi Toriola reveal her struggle with infertility in her marriage.

Wunmi Toriola, a Nollywood actress, revealed how she struggled with infertility in her marriage before having a miraculous conception.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress explained that following her marriage, she and her husband chose to take a break before starting a family.

However, after their rest time had ended and she had been unable to conceive for six months, she became concerned and went to a reproductive clinic with her husband to determine the root of their problem.

According to Wunmi Toriola, the doctor affirmed that she and her husband are healthy, but she chose IUI (intrauterine insemination) because she was eager to have a kid.


After the unsuccessful IUI, Wunmi Toriola considered IVF (invitro fertilization), but God miraculously answered her prayers.

She wrote, “I believe it is past time for me to share my modest tale in order to encourage someone.” I hoped to take some time off after my marriage before starting a family, but “my claimed rest” was cut short, and there was no pregnancy.

“Na so e easy,shebi she don dey married,she never got belle,” someone added. It didn’t hit me until 6 months later, because I’m a playful person. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was whisked away to a reproductive clinic, but the bothersome thing was that “you must accompany your partner.”


Choi, that was a difficult one since it sends out signals like “abi she don commot her womb before???” To keep a long tale short, I was promised there was no problem and that it would come, but I was too ready to listen. I had IUI two times, the last time I started getting strange pregnancy symptoms, and even without a test, I assumed I was pregnant and was overly cautious.

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After a month, I tested, but there was no pregnancy…. I was furious, and after 30 days of injections and “hard work,” I was ready to give up. My doctor would laugh at me and convince me that there was nothing wrong with us… Hmmmmmm, I had given up hope with IUI and was ready for IVF when, amazingly, conception occurred…



I wish I could convey the rage and anguish I felt during those little moments of waiting, but all of that was forgotten one day… This is meant to reassure someone that “you are not alone in this.” Others have gone through more adversity and emerged victorious.
“Don’t be mean” while you’re waiting.

Your miracle is closer than you think, and with everything I did, I held fast to God’s word, which declares, “There shall be no Barren in thy land.” My miracle will be two years old on October 13th… You, son, shall fulfill your destiny. Anyone who curses you will be cursed as well.


You will be blessed by anybody who blesses you. You are recognized for signs and wonders, and your name will speak better things than Abel Zion’s blood. Your name will always be associated with things that satisfy God. You will be devoted to God.

I swear to protect you because I love you. Last but not least, God, please grant me a long life so that I can be there for this child and his siblings. To those hoping for a miracle, the time has come and it will not be delayed, and medicals should not be taken lightly. Your mother’s love… 13/10/2021.

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