Thelma blast Tega of bbnaija Naija’s for S*xcapade with Boma.

Thelma Ibemere, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has lambasted her colleague and ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemate Tega for having an affair with another housemate, Boma.



Tega ignited social media fury after a video of her and Boma sharing an intimate moment went viral. She boasted, though, that she will not lose anything if her spouse chose to divorce her.


Despite the video, Tega’s husband justified his wife’s actions in an Instagram post, claiming that he cheated on her in their marital house, breaking their bond.


Tega’s behaviour was termed as clout and arrant nonsense for a married woman to partake in by Thelma in a post uploaded on her Instagram page.


Tega’s actions, according to the reality TV star, give people something to talk about, but her behavior is inappropriate for someone who wants to keep her house, unless she has made up her mind to leave the marriage.

Thelma also stated that the kissing, caressing, and bedroom scenes are only for the single, and that she hopes Tega’s marriage will remain intact after the show because she does not promote broken families.

First and foremost, for a married woman, this is CLOUT and blatant NONSENSE. I noticed a post where the husband was explaining her actions by claiming that he had cheated on her and that this is why she is acting this way.


Although I understand that this is merely a method of getting people to talk, this exhibition is completely inappropriate for someone who wishes to keep her home, unless she has made up her mind to leave her home for “overnight celebrity.”

This bedroom stroking, kissing, and other activities are reserved for single people. All I can say is that I hope their marriage stays together since I can never support a shattered family, Peace.

Those of you who enjoy watching porn will undoubtedly find this truth distasteful, but your snide remarks will not be taken into account. P.S. I have no dislike for any of my housemates.