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Reason Why Funke Akindele’s dump her stylist, Medlin Boss.

There have been rumors for some time that Nollywood actress Funke Akindele and her stylist Medlin Boss are at odds for unknown reasons.


Their feud erupted after the popular stylist celebrated her birthday, and Funke Akindele chose to ignore her and skip the celebration.


Also, the social media tags on Funke Akindele’s birthday and anniversary outfits suggest that Medlin Boss did not style her, but she took the time to wish her well.


However, Cutie-Julls, an Instagram blogger, claims that the feud between Funke and her stylist began after she gave her material to sew.

According to the blogger, Funke was dissatisfied with the outcome of the garments prepared for her, especially given the amount of fabric she purchased.

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Due to her dissatisfaction with her costume, Funke Akindele opted not to attend the event but instead followed the proceedings online, when she discovered that Medlin had a piece of her material on her dress.


Funke Akindele blacklisted Medlin on all social media channels without confronting her until the stylist apologized for her mistakes.


So the Koko be say, according to the post. Funke had been invited to a recent celebration [wedding]. Because she is the stylist, Funke phoned Medlin and gave her her material to sew.


Mellon employed the services of a male fashion designer. Funke didn’t like the way the outfit was put together when it arrived. She was a little angry since, according to our source, she bought enough, so it was a little perplexing as to why it didn’t look as well as it should have, as if the material wasn’t enough.

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As a result, Funke was unable to attend. She was at home minding her own business and catching up on event updates online when she noticed Medlin in one of the event’s videos on Instagram. What’s more, guess what?


Funke’s fabric was seen in Medlin’s garment. It’s almost as if a small portion of Funke’s fabric was **** to make Medlin’s dress.


Funke was so enraged that she didn’t spare any time in interrupting Medlin. Medlin snipped a lot of blocking from Funke all over the place. WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms

Medlin has been pleading for forgiveness ever since, and she has finally received it. But it’s unclear whether the tailor actually handed Medlin some of Funke’s cloth or if she bought it after collecting Funke’s and sending it to the tailor.

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