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My mother is the person behind my success today – Actress Funmi Awelewa Reveal.

Funmi Awelewa, a Yoruba actress in Nollywood, has said that her mum is the one who has inspired her to keep hustling and toiling for money.

The actress said on her Instagram page that she is not the type of person who spends money on frivolous items, but that she would go to any extent for her family, particularly her mother.

According to the actress, she is unconcerned with some of her coworkers flaunting their famous lifestyles while competing with her for trendy items.


Her greatest concern as a woman born without a silver spoon is seeing her family eat whatever they desire. It’s fine with her; any other concerns, particularly those who believe she is in competition with them, are unimportant.

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She expressed herself as follows:


My mum is the reason I’m putting forth so much effort.


There is no competition.


Just make my family perceive money chop as the koko. If you get money, don’t worry about me.


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