My fate altered when I saw you.’ OAP Lolo spills as she celebrates her 13-year-old son’s birthday.

Omotunde Adebowale-David, popularly known as Lolo1 or Adaku, a Nigerian media personality and actress, has taken time to honor her second son, Oluwaranlasimi, who turns 13 today, September 8, 2021.

The actress disclosed the story behind his birth, revealing that her fortune changed for the better 13 years ago when she gave birth to him, and that he was named after the circumstances surrounding his birth.

As he approaches adolescence, the happy mother praises her son for making child rearing appear simple while showering him with prayers and affection.

The actress has also used the platform to thank God for allowing her son to experience yet another year of numerous blessings.


She expressed herself as follows:




What can I say but thank you, Lord….my Billionare Boy is now a teenager…



My fortune changed when I had you, and I realized how significant a person I had given birth to.

I admire your toughness, yet I adore you like a torso.

In Jesus’ name, may all of your big goals come true. Happy 13th birthday, son, and thank you for making mothering you so simple.

It’s fine because you said pizza and no cake….

I’ve asked you to assist me in blessing my son today. biko\s@sunnydaysmedia

My baby’s spirit is captured in the photographs.