Mompha, a Nigerian billionaire based in Dubai, is sad over the death of his brother.


Ismaila Mustapha, better known as Mompha, a Nigerian billionaire resident in Dubai, is terribly distraught after losing his blood brother to death’s cold clutches.




Mompha revealed his brother’s death in a post on his Instagram page, calling it as a “sad day in his life.”




Although Mompha did not reveal the reason of death, the loss of a loved one is heartbreaking, and the popular social media celebrity is no exception.



RIP, my bloob brother, he wrote. What a tragic day in my life it has been.



Ismaila Mustapha recently encouraged his fans and followers to keep careful while sharing his COVID19 adventures, according to reports.

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Mompha revealed he had been off social media for a while after testing positive for Coronavirus in a post uploaded on his Instagram story.



Mompha claims that he isolated himself for twenty days and received treatment, and that he is now fine.



Mompha claimed COVID19 is genuine, and the experience is not nice, while encouraging his fans and followers to keep careful.