Isreal DMW Reacts After His Fiancee Reportedly Ran Away, Less Than One Month To Their Wedding


After his fiancee supposedly moved away from his home, it has been claimed that Israel DMW has been blackmailing and damaging her image.

According to blogger cutiejulz, Israel had been beating the girl, and she fled to her parents’ home.

Isreal, on the other hand, has been damaging her image and blackmailing her after learning she is not ready to return to his house.

The blogger wrote;

“Isreal after realising now the girl isn’t coming back has been bad mouthing this girl to anyone who cares to listen that one babalawo revealed to him that the girl is married to spirit hence their breakup.

Now this is a young girl who has her whole life ahead of her. People is Isreal being fair to this girl?

Our investigations have proved that Isreal did all this to someone’s daughter and more. You abuse a lady that you’ve performed introduction rites to be soon married. She says she won’t marry again as she doesn’t like your abusive character. Now you’ve resulted to image tarnishing and emotional blackmail.

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