For Abba Kyari’s case, the US government has gathered 2,700 electronic files and 6,700 pages of documentary evidence.

According to a court document, the US government has gathered over 2,700 electronic files as part of evidence for the $1.1 million fraud case involving suspended police officer Abba Kyari.




Prosecutors are also working on other investigative reports and “new discoveries,” including records collected from foreign law enforcement agencies that total over 6,700 pages, according to the document.



According to Premium Times, the US government has already turned over 2.31 GB of data to the defense, which includes 2,707 electronic files. Export chat logs, Cellebrite reports, WhatApp conversations, audio recordings, and other social media content are among the files.



Prosecutors were processing around 6,773 pages of new information, which was scheduled to be generated in two weeks, according to the application.



Prosecutors in the fr*ud case, together with three of the six indicted defendants, have asked the United States District Court for the Central District of California to postpone the trial from October 2021 to May 17, 2022.



Aside from the defense lawyers’ need for more time to prepare for the case, US prosecutors also requested more time to process massive amounts of papers, including those gathered from other nations.