Debbie Shokoya screams, “Enough with the judgement!” and insults Instagram pastors and judges.

Debbie Shokoya, a Yoruba actress in Nollywood, has slammed social media judges and pastors, urging them not to pass judgment on individuals based on what they post on social media.





What brings people joy, she believes, should not be judged by someone who enjoys tearing people down, forgetting that what works for Mr A may not work for Mr B.




However, rather than scouting about for detrimental counsel to those who wanted it in the first place, their motivations should always be to drink water and mind their own business.



Debbie, on the other hand, believes that no one should judge people who choose to publicize their relationship on social media, as well as those who prefer to keep theirs private.


She expressed herself as follows:


[I Guess I Just Clearly Spoke Some People’s Minds]



Pastors, Motivators, Judges, Soothsayers, and More On Instagram!!



Please take a break and let people be themselves!!

What brings people joy should not be judged by those who simply sit and criticize.



Welcome to the world where people make fun of other people’s flaws to make themselves feel better.




How did we begin to turn to God in the first place?

Alternatively, allowing social media to run the show!!

Ooo!! It’s Just An App!!

I only hope you don’t forget.