Allow 2face to marry his first baby mama lawfully. Bayelsa Governor’s aide to Annie Idibia.

Bodmas Kemepadei, a popular Nigerian blogger and media advisor to Bayelsa State Governor, has begged with Annie Idibia to allow Tuface to marry his Baby Mama, Pero Adeniyi, as a second wife.


Pero is Tuface’s wife, according to African customs and traditions, because he has given him his “Heir,” according to Mr Kemepadei.


“Tuface should marry Pero as his second wife to put an end to the squabbles and suspicions from Annie, as well as to avert future squabbles.


He wrote, “A woman who gave him his Heir and a first daughter, as well as his third child, does not deserve to be a baby mom; it’s a miscarriage of justice.”


Tuface should marry her since she is his wife according to African customs and traditions. You don’t impregnate a woman and forsake her when she hasn’t done anything wrong to you. This is wrong if he then marries her and has three children with her. Annie needs to relax and allow herself to accept a mate.

This comes after Innocent 2face Idibia’s wife, Annie, publicly chastised him for his relationship with Pero Adeniyi, one of his baby mamas.

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, the actress used her Instagram stories to vent her unhappiness with the singer’s alleged adultery and the lack of respect she receives from his family.

”I’m a patient woman,” she says. Innocent, I am not a fool.”


“From the beginning, your family did not love me. Regardless of how much I tried. I was never deserving of their attention. I’ve made numerous sacrifices for you and your entire family. I’ve tried everything.


Your baby moms are always using your children as an excuse to do whatever they want. I attempt to maintain a gracious demeanor. You are far from the first man on the earth to have children from multiple women. You’re capable of more. Everything I do is to demonstrate that you are a good human being. But today, what you, Efe, Frankie, and your family have done is unacceptable.”


Annie, who has two lovely daughters for 2Face, also chastised him for spending days at the house of one of his baby mamas, Pero, during his visit to the United States of America to see his children. “What kind of man takes his children to Disney and spends nights in the same apartment with his children and their mother?” she asked. How many times have you taken Pero to see your children? and she’ll be living with you and the kids in the same house? , she posed a rhetorical question.


Pero is 2Face’s first baby mom, having given birth to three children for the singer. She has feuded with Annie Idibia for years.


Their feud dates back to 2015 and 2016, when they both publicly chastised each other on social media.

When images of 2Face Idibia allegedly kissing Pero Adeniyi at the singer’s nightclub in 2015 went viral, their tense relationship was thrust into the spotlight.