After being called out for buying Gold on credit for his birthday shoot, Bobrisky responds.


Idris Okunneye, also known as Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser, has reacted after being accused of buying gold on credit for a photoshoot by refusing to pay.




previously reported that a jewelers said Bobrisky’s rant about Tonto Dikeh owing him $5 million and refusing to pay provoked the call out in a series of Instagram posts.




Bobrisky is a hypocrite and a clown, according to the jeweller, who questions his gut for accusing Tonto Dikeh of debt while he himself is a debtor.



The jeweller stated that they do not sell gold on loan or in installments, and that Bobrisky’s case was unfortunate, adding that the case has been in court for about a year and that they are awaiting the ultimate court decision.

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In response, Bobrisky wrote on her Instagram page that he owes the jewelers nothing because his 2.4 million bracelet is in her hands and that she should not expect payment from him.




Bobrisky advised the Jeweller not to meddle with him because his full name is a pain, and he handed her a bracelet to wash for him, which she has yet to return.



I was told not to respond to you, but I’m stubborn, and I’m not going to take crap from a jerk like you, houseofameripearl. First, tell me you’re upset because I left your ass for @beckygoldjeweler.

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I handed you my bracelet worth over 2.4m that I got from @beckygoldjeweler to wash and fix d hook for me, and you have the guts to demand me to pay for ur chai, I should question you who is ur own cannabis vendor, because the problem is already in court, why bring it here? Are you afraid?



Now is the time to wait for our verdict. TROUBLE is my full name, so don’t mess with me. I don’t own you, sweetie; I just kept your chain money because my 2.4 million bangle is with you. My bracelet is with you Liar to clout pursuit, but you didn’t disclose it.

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