Actress Yeye Toyin Tomato cries out in pains as she takes the Covid-19 injection.

Toyin Adegbola, well known as Toyin Tomato, a prominent Nollywood actress, has cried out in dread as she receives her Covid19 vaccine shot.





Her acute dread of needles terrified her at first, but once the shot was given, she felt soothed.




According to the actor, she has heard numerous horror stories about the Covid19 vaccine’s side effects. One of the deceptive effects is that a magnetic fluid has been deposited that can attract any metal to the location of the shot.




Toyin advised her admirers to get the vaccine since it is necessary due to the current illness that has swept the globe, and she assured them that there will be no negative side effects.


She wrote:


Finally I had my COVID 19 vaccination today. It was so scary though but I took it.❤️❤️ Go and take yours too, it’s very important🙏🙏 Initially I heard so many horrible information about the vaccination but now that I have taken it, I can actually testify to it that it’s nothing.