Actor Zubby Michael is in hot water after claiming that most girls are thirsty for fame and resort to prostitution on the streets.


Following his sister’s recent triumph, Nollywood star Zubby Micheal sparked controversy on social media by choosing violence.


On his Instagram page, the controversial actor expressed his gratitude to his sister for completing her Federal Road Safety Corps training and employment.


Zubby Micheal said he is proud of his sister for choosing to be helpful at a time when most young women want to be famous and turn to mobile prostitution.


‘Proud of you, kid sister @cynthiaegwu,’ he added. GOD bless you for assisting our daughters when the majority of them are yearning for fame and resort to mobile prostitution.

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Netizens blasted Zubby Micheal for making the cruel remark, claiming he should have honored his sister in peace without mentioning other girls.


The following are some of the responses:


You can pass your message without the conclusion section, as stargirl.favour wrote.


We’re pleased for your sister, but the people you patronize are also people’s sisters, remarked patience ohotu. It doesn’t help you or her in any way.


What an inconsiderate thing to say…you think a lot of ladies aren’t searching for this job…awesomegloriaa wrote: What an insensitive thing to say…you think a lot of ladies aren’t looking for this job…

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How will she get am if there isn’t a connection?


You can celebrate your sister in peace, oliviagloww commented, but you chose violence.