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Souls being sold out here – Nigerian react to Korede Bello revelation of the price of fame

Nigerian hip hop artist, Korede Bello, discusses the price that people must pay to be renowned.

Korede used his verified social media to say something profound about popularity and the price you pay for it.

He wrote: The price of fame is at an all time high. Souls being sold out here.

Many people are responding to this article with thumbs up for the singer’s wise thoughts.

A user identified as King jaja wrote: Some people think “selling your soul only means Illuminati” Nahhh most times it has nothing to do with that. Many times it means you’re totally opposite of yourself just to keep up with the trend. You’ve lost yourself.

Another Essy Allen wrote: We know, they don’t care… They just wanna be here a while and enjoy it and some of us wanna be here a long time with our minds, body and soul intact.

Prince.tosino: If only you knew what people did and still do for fame and money. IF ONLY!

Asiwajulerry: Fame is prison, choose your jail wisely.

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