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Even if he gets every woman pregnant, I’m not going to leave him.’ Kunle Afod’s wife roasts a troll who is against her marriage.

Desola Afod, Kunle Afod’s wife, has slammed a troll who claimed her husband is having an adulterous affair with a woman in Ibadan.

There have been multiple instances of marital problems involving married celebrities since the beginning of September.

Among these issues, Desola was not spared, as a troll attacked her for attempting suicide because of her husband’s refusal to stay with her and has taken up with another woman in Ibadan, who is also pregnant for him.


Troll penned:


Why would you want to die for a man who does not love you? You’re the only one who loves up and down. You’re applauding which filthy afod husband? That has a second wife in Ibadan, who is currently pregnant, and they are both preparing an engagement, which you will hear about soon.


The celebrity wife, on the other hand, has responded to the clout chaser by declaring that she will not leave him even if he gets every woman pregnant because their children will eventually be slaves to her children. She goes on to say that she doesn’t require him to love her as much as she loves him.


She expressed herself as follows:


Make use of your original account… Fuck your mama with AFOD! Make every woman who is born a… I WILL NOT LEAVE HIM gan sef, eru loma je fun awon omo mi.

I  don’t need him to love me ..: as long as I do 👌 WE MOVE


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