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Ola Ibironke AKA Dudu Heritage, Bimbo Oshin’s husband passed away.

Ola Ibironke, popularly known as Dudu Heritage, is a popular music promoter and the spouse of Bimbo Oshin. Ibadan’s socialite and notable golfer died just a few hours ago.


Dudu Heritage worked as a music promoter in the United States for a few years before coming to Nigeria to manage a private business.



The exact reason of his death has yet to be determined.

His death was confirmed by one of his closest friends in the United Kingdom, who described it as a nasty shock.


Dudu Heritage opened up about his marriage to Bimbo Oshin in an earlier interview with City People, refuting rumors that they had split up.


“There are so many rumors out there that have made me acquire a thick skin,” he remarked. Because the news is still circulating, I keep them wondering all the time. The union resulted in the birth of two adorable children, a boy and a girl. So, what else can be said? For a man approaching 60, why is he still talking about a marriage from 2004/2005?

We’ve been around for a long time, so don’t bother us with stories. But I can assure you that Bimbo Oshin can be found in my house at any time and on any day. She has never left my house since she moved in. She is the woman I married. And, just to show you that I’m serious, I’ll contact her right now and ask you to speak with her.(He called his wife, Bimbo Oshin and put the phone on speaker).


When Dudu Heritage inquired if he and his wife were still together, Bimbo Oshin answered on the other end, assuring her husband that their marriage was still going strong. She laughed as she added, “I’m in my husband’s house and I’ve never left.”

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Ola Ibironke, a true Ijesha man, grew up in Nigeria and spent his academic years in London and the United States of America before returning to Nigeria.

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