It will be a great loser for Africa if Nigeria break-up -Osinbajo


Nigeria’s Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, has stated that if the country breaks up, Nigeria will suffer greatly.

If Nigeria stays an undivided nation, he claims, there are “greater prospects for success.”

This was said by Osinbajo during his speech at the Africa Polling Institute’s National Social Cohesion Dialogue in Abuja on Thursday.

“All Nigerians have a constitutional right to live, work, and enjoy their lives in peace and safety under the law,” the statement reads. The division of Nigerians into “indigenes” and “non-indigenes” is a sort of apartheid, according to Osinbajo, and violates the country’s stated goals of equality and togetherness.


As a result, when we introduced our Social Investment Programs, the eligible recipients were chosen based on their states of residence, with no discrimination. This was in line with the belief that the only true path to national prosperity is to provide equal opportunity to all Nigerians, regardless of their qualifications.

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“Our fates have become so intertwined that they can no longer be separated. This is why this administration is aggressively investing in transportation infrastructure — roads, trains, seaports, and river ports – to shorten distances between people, connect communities to markets, and facilitate trade, travel, and tourism.


We must see it for what it is: a criminal conduct that must be prosecuted according to the law, not an ethnic struggle. Criminals must be regarded and dealt as criminals, not as representatives of any ethnic or religious group.

“By splitting ourselves, we will not be able to overcome crime. We can only defeat it by banding together against our shared foe: the criminals who harass our citizens.

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When we see the largest economic advantage to our size about to come to life, Nigeria will be a big loser if we break up. In summary, being together as a group provides considerably more prospects for prosperity for each of our communities than if we went our own ways. We have all we need to truly be greater than the sum of our parts.”