Actress Nkechi Blessing to react to the breakup between two lovers,Fancy Acholonu and Alexx Ekubo’s

Nollywood actress Nkechii Blessing has reacted to the news that Fancy Acholonu, the girlfriend of Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo, has broken up with him.

It had only been 24 hours since social media was ablaze with rumors of their breakup ahead of their November wedding.

Fancy Acholonu came to Instagram on Thursday evening to put an end to the rumors, confirming that her relationship with the actor had ended.

Fancy claims that she chose to end the relationship because it is critical for all people to pursue happiness and live in their own truth. She also pleaded with the general public to respect her privacy.


In response, Nkechi Blessing asked Fancy Acholonu how she expects to obtain privacy from people when she publicly got online to speak about it in a post uploaded on her Instagram story.
Nkechi Blessing also expressed her sadness about the end of her romance.

When you bring food to someone’s table, how do you tell them to respect their privacy? This one hurts me, Kaii.