Home Entertainment Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi allegedly fight over sugar boy, Gida

Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi allegedly fight over sugar boy, Gida

Actors Laide Bakare and Kemi Afolabi have been accused of fighting over younger actor Gida, only hours after mocking each other on Instagram.

Kemi Afolabi and Laide Bakare used to have one of the strongest friendships in the movie industry because they always liked wearing the same outfits, going to parties, and doing almost everything together. They often refer to each other as “my twinee” on their Instagram pages when they post PDAs.

Things have however gone sour between them.

Friday,August 27, Kemi Afolabi ranted on Instagram about her twinnie turned enemy as she described her as being delusional, crazy and an attention seeker.

Kemi Afolabi wrote: “Fine girl kemo, delusional low self esteem attention seeker say na she give me stardom werey Alaso….Ta lo ni Twinnie isonu! Yinmu Se Kemi ALAGBARA wa kere ni? TGIF..wey dem? Dem no reach”

And in response, Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare wrote “No matter what hatters say or do. Can never ever reach ME, Abi eleyi Fe Te ni ? Who you be? #laidebakare is your forefather MOTHER, I’m too Big for some kin nonsense, miss wereyy. Who be your Twinee?? Alaye baje … You wey be like Man!!!!”

When the going was sweet

When things fell apart

It has recently been said that the erstwhile best friends are at odds because of their younger colleague and actor, Dauda Sulaimon a.k.a Gida.

Despite being married with children, Kemi Afolabi, who has a daughter, does not joke with her younger colleague and sugar boy, Gida, according to Gist Lover. She opposes every other woman with whom he tries to form a relationship, which is why she had a falling out with Laide Bakare, who had lately become close to Gida.

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“See this guy wey cause fight between the Twinnie Oran,we go soon cut him prick,Kemi sha no like make any woman dey near this guy,whereas guy is married with kids o,with him jingle bell gbola,doing gbola give away up and down…if I no cut your prick call me bast*rd,shebi na because you get prick you dey cause fight,World pipu come out o,Gida don use Adodun(S*x Sweetner)for Kemi o……i come in peace” the blogger wrote.

In 2020, Kemi Afolabi got into an argument with Gloria Johnson about actor Dauda Sulaimon a.k.a. Gida. After Kemi Afolabi cried out about receiving death threats from Gloria Johnson, the purported affair between the actresses was revealed. She is also said to have had a feud with another actress, Amatachi Igwe, over the same young actor Gida.

Kemi Afolabi’s housewarming party in January 2021 was devoid of her husband, who was neither present nor mentioned in her public thanks to those who stood by her. Even if the actress stated in 2020 that her marriage to her husband hasn’t fallen apart, with the actress constructing a home that she claims is her own, many are wondering where her husband is. Have they split up, as implied? What gives that she’s moving into a house she created without her husband?

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