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‘I Was In Labour For 22 Hours’ Actress, Ruth Kadiri Shares Touching Story As She Celebrate Daughter At Age 2

Ruth Kadiri, Nollywood actress, is celebrating her daughter’s 2nd birthday today and has opted to share a moving story about how she was forced to work as a child for 22 hours.

According to the proud mother of one, she and her husband went through a lot to have their daughter, and she is the finest thing that has ever happened to them.

Ruth Kadiri said on Instagram, sharing a snapshot of herself in labor at the hospital with a doctor by her side:

“Can’t keep calm. My daughter will be TWO tomorrow. At this time two years ago I was already in labour. And was in labour for 22 hours. Wheeeeeew. Story for another day. Dear reign. So you know you’re the best thing that ever happened to US.”

In another post, the actress wrote;

“When you step into the house, darkness takes to its heels Cos that’s what you are darling a light to yourself, our lives, and the world. Happy 2 years birthday to you.”

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